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Common Water Problems

The following is a list of common water problems found in both public and private water supplies across the U.S. together with their health effects and the most appropriate treatment methods for their removal. Our team is always happy to discuss your water quality options, so be sure to contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.

Please note: This list was compiled for research and information purposes only. It is not intended to suggest that these contaminants are present in your water supply. Only testing by an accredited lab can identify the exact contaminats that may be in your water.


Contaminant Name Common Sources Health Effects Most Effective Treatment Option

Natural deposits, smelters,glass,electronic wastes, orchards

Skin problems, nervous system toxicity Reverse Osmosis, Arsenic removal system
Asbestos Natural deposits, asbestos cement in water systems Cancer Activated carbon,  reverse osmosis system
Barium Natural deposits, pigmeents, epoxy sealants, spent coal Effects the circulatory system Reverse osmosis
Bacteria/Coliform animal & human waste, septic fields, sewage, farming Various illnessses Ultraviolet system or well chlorination
Cadmium Natural deposits, galvanized pipe corrosion, batteries, paints Kidney disorders Reverse osmosis
Chloradane Leaching from soil treatment from termites Cancer Activated carbon, reverse osmosis
Chlorine Water disinfection Cancer Activated carbon, KDF-55
Chromium-6 Natural deposits, mining, electroplatingpigments Liver, kidney, circulatory disorders Reverse osmosis
Copper Natural / industrial deposits, wood preservatives, plumbing Gastrointestinal irritation Reverse osmosis, carbon filters
Cryptosporidium Animal or human waste, contaminated food products Gastrointestinal illness Reverse osmosis, carbon block filters.05 micron
E.coli Natural occuring, human and animal waste, food products Gastrointestinal disorders  (often severe) Ultraviolet system, chlorination system
Fluoride Natural deposits, fertilizer, aluminum industries, water additive Skeletal and dental fluorosis Reverse osmosis
Gardia Natually occuring, human or animal wastes Gastrointestinal disorders reverse osmosis, carbon block filters
Hydrogen Sulfide Natural  deposits Rotten egg taste and odor Air injection, Birm, Filox, KDF
Iron Natural  deposits Staining of laundry, plumbing, appliances Iron reduction filter, Filox
Manganese Natural  deposits Staining of laundry, plumbing, appliances Iron reduction filters
Mercury Crop runoffs, natural deposits, batteries, electrical switches Kidney, nervous system disorders Reverse osmosis, activated carbon
Microbiological Contaminants Animal & human waste, septic fields, sewage, farming various illnesses Various
Nitrates / Nitrite Animal waste, fertilizer, natural deposits, septic tanks, sewage Methemoglubulinemia (blue baby syndrome) Reverse osmosis
PCB Coolant oils from electricall transformers, plasticizers Cancer Activated carbon
Radium Natural deposits Bone cancer Reverse osmosis
Radon Natural deposits Cancer
Selenium Natural deposits, mining, smelting, coal/oil combustion Liver damage Reverse osmosis
Sulfates Naturally occuring Laxative effect-gastrointestinal irritation (loose stools, diarrhea, especially in infants not acclimated to high levels Reverse osmosis
Total Dissolved Solids errosion of naturally occuring mineral deposits Gastrointestinal irritation Reverse osmosis
Triahalomethanes (THMs) chlorination  by-products By-product of chlorination in drinking water Cancer Activated carbon
Turbidity Soil runnoff Inteference with disinfection, filtration Whole house sediment filter-reverse osmosis
Uranium Naturally occuring Kidney disorders, cancer Reverse osmosis
Viruses animal & human waste, septic fields, sewage, farming various illnesses Ultraviolet system
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Varied Various, including cancer Activated carbon
Zinc Mineral deposits Metallic taste in water Reverse osmosis, KDF